Addressing Your Marketing Challenges.

Today most commercial organizations are facing following challenges :
competing on a global scale, capturing attention in a fragmented digital media landscape, leveraging technology to power marketing & sales operations (business digitization).

To help address those challenges, we have developed following services :

Hidden Impulse! is a marketing consultancy helping business and marketing owners innovate and grow in a highly competitive and digital world.

MyBusinessCockpit is a business portal helping marketing & sales managers operate better in the digital world with the support of specific tools and marketing software.

Internove Europe is a pragmatic consultancy helping commercial organizations develop their business across Western Europe.

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Hidden Impulse!

Fotolia_51657060_XSHI! is a new generation marketing consultancy. Exploring new possibilities to help grow and innovate. Translating into compelling marketing plans. Helping your organization get ready for the new world of marketing.
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Fotolia_51657060_XSMBC is a business portal tailored to your needs. It helps drive your marketing and sales from just one place in realtime and it helps make better decisions. It embeds essential marketing analytics and tools that you need to become efficient in your daily business drive. Coming soon: »

Internove Europe

Fotolia_51657060_XSInternove Europe is not only the company name. It's also the brand behind which we run our business development services. We help organizations grow their brand and sales across W-Europe.
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