This is a high level assessment to picture your company’s digital readiness. Structured in 2 sections (strategy / operations) with less than 20 questions, it shall take you few minutes to fill. Adapted from David Rogers’ Digital Transformation Playbook, this is a simple yet powerful tool to lean back and plan for your digital transformation. We hope you’ll enjoy and find it useful. Submit your data  confidentially and we’ll provide with a valuable report and high level recommendations & references. Best would be to meet and discuss.

How to fill: if the statement on the left applies better, give it a -3 (very much), -2  (fairly) or -1 (slightly).  If it’s the one on the right hand side, give it a +3 (very much), +2 (fairly) or +1 (slightly). 0 would reflect a balance between both statements. Tip: you might invite your colleagues to run with their own view and it might be interesting to share results, to lead into a discussion as a starting point for your digital transformation plans.