Digital Mobility Solutions | Bridgestone Europe

2018, ten months    |     # MOBILE APP      # WEB PORTAL      # WEBSITE      # BRANDING     # HELPDESK      # IOT CLOUD      # AGILE PROJECT       # AGILE MARKETING      # DIGITAL TRANSFO

With a small agile team we developed within a year a mobile app, a web portal, a website, a helpdesk, commercial boxes and a new branding. We followed agile methodologies where we co-created with truck fleets, iterating proofs of concept (POC) and minimal viable products (MVP). Next we started scaling the customer base with marketing iterations on lean budget bases. 
This was one of the first ventures to shift the company business model from tyre-centric to mobility-centric. It was an interesting case of digital transformation where we had to influence the whole organisation to adapt and do things in new ways.