Business-X-Canvas ™

Marketing frameworks/canvases are great tools to help business owners collaborate & brainstorm with their teams, articulate ideas in areas such as business modeling, strategy, portfolio, value propositions, pricing, up-/x-selling, customer interactions, multichannel tactics, storytelling  etc. There are many tools for each subject out there, of various quality. How to chose what to apply when? What about alignment?  Those tools usually don’t work well together. What if there would be one A to Z canvas that would encompass all canvases  to design your marketing foundations, your strategy, your portfolio, your storytelling, your market interactions etc?

Build a  comprehensive qualitative set of canvases to help business owners design from A to Z all those marketing steps as above, achieve better market/customer centricity and alignment.

Business-X-Canvas ™ is a meta-canvas that we have developed. It brings together high quality canvases organized in 6 sections: business foundations, market exploration, strategy design, value proposition design, market interactions, testing & scaling. We have already assembled 50 high value canvases under one roof to cover all those steps, to bring high value to business owners and their teams. Those canvases derive from design thinking for product and service innovation, blue ocean strategy for distinctive strategies, six sigma for complex projects, agile methods and our own proven methods. We have improved and aligned all those canvases into a very efficient A to Z meta-canvas respectively methodology to help business owners achieve greater business, with customer-centricity and innovation as key-drivers.