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Our collaborative business frameworks respectively canvases are battle tested. We have matured them along the years with a variety of industries and organizations. Twenty percent of them are our own development, eighty percent are adaptations from advanced methodologies. To name a few, some derive from Blue Ocean Strategy, Design Thinking, Business Model and Value Canvas, from cutting edge consultancies, from agile methodologies, and from specific methodologies to lead in the digital age. We guide their implementation at your company through workshops. Your teams get to creatively and collaboratively develop differentiated innovative strategies, value propositions, market interactions, tactical plans etc. On a brainstorming basis together in a room, or on a remote basis through a connected platform. We facilitate with a solid professional background across a variety of industries and constant training. It includes an MBA as a basis, Design Thinking from MIT Sloan and Digital Strategies from Columbia Business School. We currently have about 50 canvases to cover from business foundations and strategy to value design, customer interactions and scaling. Our goal is to constantly add to that basis with cutting-edge practices as they arise. Further, we keep developing associated reading resources to nurture your thoughts and creativity.

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