your revenue generation chain
with more digital to the core...


Benefiting from interactive business frameworks and proven expertise, with the power of always-on virtual rooms and digital activation tools. Where full remote collaboration, agility, creativity and consistent alignment become reality.


new scenarios to grow



new strategies to go


business/digital programmes

Act now and continuously,
to solve those challenges:


Change as ownly constant

Your culture, processes and tools
need to be constantly adapted.


Bridge today & tomorrow

The ongoing crisis impacts massively and changes the business landscape for ever.

Digitalisation as priority

Digitalisation is ever changing and increasingly important.

How can you transform your business immediately and successfully?  The focus must be both on immediate and longer-term revenue generation. While the challenges are massive, the opportunities offered by the digital space are massive too.

Let's partner to boost or reboot, build or adapt,
your revenue generation chain

Fast-tracking your business and digital projects

using advanced models and tools covering a wide range of business situations, combined with our broad deep expertise in business development, marketing and digital solutions.

through a full realtime
collaborative platform

an always-on, interactive, visual interface enabling continuous work on projects, including remote or work-from-home teams.

  • Multiproject virtual rooms

    Iterate projects anytime anywhere

  • Collaborative i-Canvases

    Visual business design frameworks

  • Digital activation tools

    Marketing-sales and collaboration

for high performance business outcomes

that makes the best of your team and our team’s expertise. We provide a unique fast and deep step by step process to jointly: 

  • Explore new scenarios

    Achieve more with smart tools

  • Brainstorm and design

    As a team like never before

  • Activate in agile ways

    Go faster, leaner, test scenarios

End-to-end project fast-tracking, with high-performance, costs, and resources effectiveness in mind. We provide advanced tools and expertise to enable your business projects on a collaborative resp. remote basis, and cross the finish line in record times.

Benefit from a unique combination
of proven business expertise and 
advanced digital solutions.

We advise, cooperate with your team(s), or operate on your behalf.
Explore some of our tools below, to activate your business success.
OVERVIEW | Explore:
Business Drive
Marketing Drive
Sales Drive
Product Drive

Let’s set with you a full environment of always-on collaboration, with remote and work-from-home teams, powered by our business design i-canvases and brainstorming tools.

With our tech partner we bring a comprehensive assessment platform for your digital strategy and marketing-sales readiness check into transfo plans or MVP activation.

Adopt a systematic approach to designing and testing scenarios. Validate assumptions, discover potentials and hidden challenges before making major investment decisions.

Craft your product marketing brief as the solid basis for all teams and marketing-sales partners to elaborate consistent efficient aligned plans towards your market success.

Explore and test various pricing models that will maximise your revenues, that will maximise your customer base, customer lifetime value, up/cross-selling or network effects.  

Turn your value proposition in a consistent portfolio of well designed packages that will maximise your revenues, that will maximise your conversion, up-selling and cross-selling.

Re/design your business portfolio to maximise today’s returns, while finding the right balance in resource allocation to anticipate future scenarios that will sustain your business.

Explore and design multi-sided business models which involve several stakeholders, and create network effects that translate into higher returns for all. 

Tune and augment your strategies with various models. They help variate and stretch your views, explore new directions, as a person or team.

Start with your customers in mind, explore their behaviours and decision pathway, as a powerful basis to craft your customer experience and relevant business interactions. 

Explore and design optimal pathways and plans to reach out to your relevant audiences, in a structured manner, with a variety of iCanvases.  

Challenge your current playground, explore new spaces, redefine the boundaries of your business. Be unique, or more specific.

Innovate with your business model, for higher returns. Explore, test, new ones with our various tools, challenge your views from different angles.

Design or redesign a well articulated inspiring brand, that translates into consistent statements, aligned with your business, reflecting more value.

Design crisp innovative value propositions, stretch your views, brainstorm, match with your audiences, work on solving expressed and hidden pains, on creating new value.

Let’s deploy smart dashboards for your business, with advanced tools like Tableau, and with marketing-sales specific applications.

Let’s leverage smart tools to scan your industry trends, to help you stay current with what’s happening now, and anticipate emerging trends.

Work on your social media strategy, funnels and content with our iCanvases. Activate and interact consistently with smart collaborative tools.

Mapping ideal customers is a good start before any activity, customer personas are strong tools towards more empathy, and to discover new points.

Crafting ongoing multichannel content to inspire your audiences is a challenge. Leverage a suite of smart tools to stand out and to produce efficiently.

Automation: a must to reach out to larger audiences with consistency, repetition and efficiency. Leverage with us a suite of relevant platforms, tools.

Privacy compliance… a true challenge. Discover a new solution to easily produce custom privacy notices and cookie policies. Like never before.

Map your marketing-sales funnels and discover a new tool to simulate economics; before making major marketing-sales investment decisions.

Achieve good solid design for your website and landing pages, with our structured approach and tools. We help in deep details and with partners.

Examples of business situations
that you need to solve


Business adaptation, transformation

  • New business model

  • New commercial model

  • New distribution model

  • New value proposition

  • New business scaling

Marketing and sales activation

  • Sales and marketing automation

  • Sales and marketing channels

  • Distribution channels

  • Branding and portfolio

  • Web and content design


We assist you, at your location or remotely


Hi, I'm founding partner at Internove Europe. I bring broad experience and fresh views in business transformation, global marketing, web design, digital business, and product management. After graduating from ESCP Business School, I've been an international manager and advisor since the nineties, across multiple tech industries and countries with Asian, European and American organisations. With companies like Samsung, Sony, United Internet, Agfa Healthcare or Bridgestone I've been at the core of major accelerations and transformations. Further, I've advised and accompanied numerous SME's, startups and corporate ventures in their development or digital adaptation. I work with you in English, French or German.

For Jean, revenue generation is the condition of sustainable value creation that will benefit people and organisations. He brings broad and deep expertise in value creation and revenue generation, as marketing, sales and data leader. He's led revenue growth with start/scale-ups, SME's and corporations, with a mix of highly strategic analysis and decisions, and hands-on operational execution. Jean partners with clients through the disciplined and creative approach developed with Internove. His commitment is to make sure that companies perform at their peak, through the strongest processes, and with relevant tools and systems.

An extended network of business experts

We work with a pool of senior consultants to increase our impact and flexibility. Our trusted partners work across marketing, sales and digital disciplines, covering strategy to design, into activation. They speak several languages, look back at a solid business track-record, and are strong experts in their domain.

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