• Cross-industry experience in B2B, B2C and E-commerce. With large, medium and small agile organisations.

    Consumer Devices (Samsung/Sony…) • E-Commerce Services (1&1 United Internet AG) • HealthCare IT Services (Agfa) • Digital Mobility Solutions (Bridgestone) • Broadcast IT Services (EVS) • Education Services (Management Centre Europe) • Software (Ordiges)

  • Continuous training in marketing, digital areas, and innovation management.

    Columbia Business School: Digital Strategies for Business, Leading the Next Generation Enterprise • MIT Design Thinking for Innovative Products and Services • MIT Digital Transformation, Platform Strategies • Continuous training and in-depth practicing in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Analytics • ESCP Europe MBA • E-Engineering & Computer Science • Sony 6Sigma BB

  • International practices in overall and digital marketing, business lines management and strategic development.

    Professional life in Germany (10y), Belgium (7y), France (6y, native), UK (1y) • Local and Europe-USA scope • Leading x-cultural/-functional teams • Business Lines Development, Marketing & Sales • Multilingual EN FR DE NL

  • Advanced models and tooling to design for growth and to drive agile in the digital era.

    Developing Business-X-Canvas™, a platform to design as a team: • business foundations for the digital era • digital strategies • relevant value propositions • customer interactions • testing-scaling scenarios • Inspired by Design Thinking, Digital Strategies @ Columbia BS, Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas, Agile, various models