We are a business services company.

Our mission is to help design & stretch sustainable business value for our clients. We do it by focusing on business design, relevant marketing & sales governance, marketing strategy, advanced marketing tactics, digital practices, design thinking driven product & service innovation. We operate on agile consulting, coaching or interim management bases. Across Europe, with a local and global touch.

Who is behind Internove Europe.

Internove Europe is run by Frederic Martin, business advisor and ad interim director with over 24 years of international experience. He owns extensive experience in general and business management, development, global marketing, product management, across 7+ industries and 13+ companies (multinationals/SMEs). Under Internove Europe he acts for his customers on a flexible basis, with a large deep scope of advanced practices, models and tools, from strategy to implementations and digital excellence. A solid network of marketing and digital partners complements his impact.

Frédéric Martin

Owner and Senior Consultant, works in English, French or German, acts with flexibility on a local or global scope within/from Europe. His full CV»

Leading Practices

MBA (ESCP Europe) + E-Engineering, Design Thinking for innovative products and services (MIT), Digital Strategies (Columbia Business School), Digital Marketing, Web Design, Analytics

Multi-Industry Experience

24 years executive/consultant, consumer devices, ecommerce, software, IT Services (healthcare, web hosting, procurement)

Global-Local Track Record

Global and local marketing (Europe/USA), business lines and general management in Germany and France (up to 500 Mio.€)

Business Design

Business modelling, development strategy, project management, action plans, marketing & sales governance

Marketing Strategy

Branding, marketing plans, governance, team building, value propositions, storytelling and multichannel tactics.

Innovation & Digital

Business, product/service and marketing innovation supported by advanced methodologies and digital tools.

Coaching & Training

Design thinking for portfolio innovation, business design and advanced practices in marketing and digital areas.

How we work.

1 LEVERAGE METHODS, MODELS AND TOOLS. We apply proven frameworks for innovation, strategy, decision making, operations, project management. Design thinking, agile methods, six sigma, blue ocean strategy, marketing frameworks and our own models are part of the toolbox. Further, we leverage digital tools for marketing and team collaboration.

2 STRETCH WITH IMAGINATION & RATIONALS. To make greater things happen, we start with the end in mind, with the customer, the issue to solve, with a stretched destination in mind. From there we adopt iterative thinking where we challenge rationals with imagination and vice versa, to come up with relevant and innovative solutions that mean a lot more with less.

3 VISUALIZE, MODELIZE BRICKS, TEST, SCALE. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication for more value... we work visually to capture the essence of complex problems or concepts, decomposition to focus on smaller parts that can be assembled into a bigger puzzle, modelization to build into replicable scalable business and marketing blocks. Testing is key to validate and scale.