your revenue generation chain* in 2021 with more digital...

Fast-track the digital business and marketing-sales projects that maximise your outcomes today and tomorrow


Inspired by the familiar supply-chain, we've coined the RevGen-Chain term to represent the governance, models, portfolio, systems, tools, activities, used to generate and grow revenue.



new business scenarios



strategies for new times



digital systems & products

Act in 2021 continuously
to solve these challenges


Change as only constant

Your culture, processes and tools
need to be constantly adapted.


Bridge today & tomorrow

The ongoing crisis impacts massively and changes the business landscape for ever.

Digitalisation as priority

Digitalisation is ever changing and increasingly important.

How can you transform your business immediately and successfully?  The focus must be both on immediate and longer-term revenue generation. While the challenges are massive, the opportunities offered by the digital space are massive too.

Your business ahead, with digital solutions

Keep iterating your digital experience (Dx), as one connected team


Business Assessments into
Improvement Programmes


Connected Design Models
and Brainstorming Tools


Digital Activation Tools
as a Business Portal


Digital Business Activation
Training and Workshops

Let's partner to build or adapt your revenue generation chain

Fast-tracking your business & digital projects

using advanced models and tools covering a wide range of business situations, combined with our broad deep expertise in business development, marketing and digital solutions.

through a full realtime
collaborative platform

an always-on, interactive, visual interface enabling continuous work on projects, including remote or work-from-home teams

  • Multiproject virtual rooms

    Iterate projects anytime anywhere

  • Collaborative i-Canvases

    Visual design thinking frameworks

  • Digital activation tools

    Marketing-sales & business projects

for high performance business outcomes

that makes the best of your team and our team’s expertise. We provide a unique fast and deep step by step process to jointly: 

  • Explore new scenarios

    Achieve more with smart tools

  • Brainstorm and design

    As a team like never before

  • Activate in agile ways

    Go faster, leaner, test scenarios

End-to-end project fast-tracking, with high-performance, costs, and resources effectiveness in mind. We provide advanced tools and expertise to enable your business projects on a collaborative resp. remote basis, and cross the finish line in record times.

Examples of situations that need to be solved

Business development & transformation

  • New business model

  • New commercial model

  • New distribution model

  • New value proposition

  • New business scaling

Marketing & sales digital activation

  • Sales & marketing automation

  • Sales & marketing channels

  • Distribution channels

  • Branding & portfolio

  • Web & content design


Senior expertise and co-drive 
on a flexible remote basis

Frédéric Martin

Your Partner & Leader for Business Dev
and Modernisation, Owner @internove

Patrick Miller

Associate Partner for Digital Innovation,
with a Team of Developers at your service

Jean Littolff

Associate Partner for Revenue
Generation Chain

Business Community

Digital Business Experts
across Multiple Disciplines


Dare new ways with us

Larger consultancies

  • Benefits :

    You get a name with credibility
    Methodologies, systematic approaches
    Lots of analysis and PPT presentations,
    piles of paper and nice visuals

  • Execution :

    You might get young consultants doing the job
    Lots of reporting, up and down communication
    Traditional execution on your premise

  • Investment :

    1000-4000€ / day, you might pay for
    up to 60% overhead / 40% consulting

We're familiar with that model, have worked
for five of the top international consultancies.

Our collaborative agile model

  • Benefits :

    You get highly experienced partners with solid references
    Methodologies, systematic approaches, executions
    A focus on hands-on, iterative, agile execution
    Short-cut the strategy-design-do gap

  • Execution :

    Senior professionals advising, guiding, doing the job
    Collaborative approach with sr. management & teams
    Powered by advanced tools and digital platforms,
    enabling fast agile continuous work, on premise or remotely

  • Investment :

    A fair daily rate with 10% overhead only / 90% consulting
    And a lowered volume of invest through agile approaches
    and collaborative tools, with your teams in the pilot seat


We will help you get results now with proven models and new tools,
build practices and systems that keep delivering result after we go.


Not sure where to focus in 2021 ?


Business dev & modernisation can be overwhelming, and it's a challenge to set priorities in a new year, especially this one.

A free two-hour consultation might be a good start, with the support of DXpathfinder, as powerful platform to scan your business into project priorities for your business forward. 

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