Realtime 360° Collaboration

Let’s set with you a full environment of always-on collaboration, with remote and work-from-home teams, powered by our business design i-canvases and brainstorming tools.

360° Digital Diagnostic

With our tech partner we bring a comprehensive assessment platform for your digital strategy and marketing-sales readiness check into transfo plans or MVP activation.

Strategy Design

Tune and augment your strategies with various models. They help variate and stretch your views, explore new directions, as a person or team.

Business Model

Innovate with your business model, for higher returns. Explore, test, new ones with our various tools, challenge your views from different angles.

Brand Identity & Statements

Design or redesign a well articulated inspiring brand, that translates into consistent statements, aligned with your business, reflecting more value.

Portfolio Management

Re/design your business portfolio to maximise today’s returns, while finding the right balance in resource allocation to anticipate future scenarios that will sustain your business.

Platform Business Model

Explore and design multi-sided business models which involve several stakeholders, and create network effects that translate into higher returns for all. 

Market Focus

Challenge your current playground, explore new spaces, redefine the boundaries of your business. Be unique, or more specific.

Business Dashboards

Let’s deploy smart dashboards for your business, with advanced tools like Tableau, and with marketing-sales specific applications.

Market & Competition Watch

Let’s leverage smart tools to scan your industry trends, to help you stay current with what’s happening now, and anticipate emerging trends.