Scenarios & Testing

Adopt a systematic approach to designing and testing scenarios. Validate assumptions, discover potentials and hidden challenges before making major investment decisions.

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Setting the right marketing organisation

Frederic Martin, Internove | Looking across industries, I keep seeing some common failures in trying to get organized for marketing and sales. A first point …

7 habits for customer-centricity

Customer Think | Companies today want to delight customers at every interaction. However, little do they realize that great customer experiences start from the inside.

Organizing for a Digital World

Bain | As digital continues to upend most business operations and markets, traditional organizations struggle to cope with the pace of change.

Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset

Amex Open | Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset can be an opportunity to win over competitors, improve products and processes, gain and retain new customers, to attract …

Securing returns on leadership programmes

Inc. | Leaders need a variety of learning methods that include formal and on-the-job learning, coaching, learning with and from each other, and the relevant tools …

4 ways to build an innovative team

HBR | To ignite innovation start by empowering the people already in your organization, take responsibility for creating an environment in which they can thrive