Business Dashboards, Big Data @ Colruyt Retail

2018, five full days    |     # BUSINESS DASHBOARDS          # TABLEAU           # BIG DATA          # PORTFOLIO ANALYSES          # TRENDS  & FORECASTS        # DECISION MAKING

For the export organisation of Colruyt group, Belgium’s Nr1 retailer, we have connected millions of data from various sources and crafted into smart dashboards by leveraging the power of Tableau. Within a week we have come up with a comprehensive suite of dashboards for a variety of stakeholders: dashboards to picture and forecast sales, dashboards to make decisions on product and brand portfolios (BCG-like matrices, top and flop lists…), dashboards to prepare the annual negotiations with customers across a variety of countries, dashboards to capture the dynamic of sales teams, and dashboards to decide on the expansion across countries. Key metrics included revenues, profitability, sku’s, number of customers, discounts etc.