Smart Dashboards

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[st_row][st_column4]Big datasets into decision-making assets.[/st_column4][st_column4]Colruyt Group is a leading Belgian retailer employing over 29,000 people. Colruyt Export is their division to manage FMCG products via international distributors.[/st_column4][st_column4]Facing an overload of dormant data across systems (Oracle, SAP, Excel sheets etc), they asked us to craft smart business dashboards, turn big datasets into power business assets.[/st_column4][/st_row]


[st_row][st_column6]Connect all data into smart dashboards with Tableau.

Tableau is a powerful platform which  helps organisations around the world connect databases, visualise and understand all their data in realtime. We used it to connect millions of data from SAP, Excel, Oracle etc and turn into interactive visual dashboards dedicated to various audiences like top management, marketing, sales, supply chain. We designed in such a way that users can filter and drill-down from top views into deep details with color coding, to gain strong insights and make better decisions. Our 20 dashboards support portfolio analyses (products, brands, prices, regions, customers etc), forecasts, wins and fails, teams incentiving and much more.
[/st_column6][st_column6]Figure: 4 of the 20 dashboards with filter & drill-down navigation.[/st_column6][/st_row]


Enabling marketing, sales, supply chain and top executives to make better decisions with comprehensive realtime data.

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