Digital Sushis are finely packaged pieces with distinctive flavors. Co-designed to stick to your digital hunger as it grows.
They can be gradually combined into consistent digital menus, as smart alternatives to extravagant one-feeds-all options.
Switch from heavy digital menus to a-la-carte selective bites, replace digital indigestions with enjoyable experiences.

Pick and combine your flavors:

Digital Maturity
Quick Scan

Assess your digital maturity through 16 executive level questions around strategy and operations. Lean back and plan for your business transformation.

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with our tool. Take just few minutes and get your free confidential report posted right away to your mailbox.

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Value Proposition

Let's co-design your value proposition to be impacting, distinctive, innovative. We facilitate with cross-industry expertise, strategic thinking and models.

Market Interactions

Let's co-design your interactions to delight audiences in their phygital journey. We facilitate with cross-industry expertise, strategic thinking and models.

Brainstorming & Design
Collaborative Platform

Embrace a new stunning way for business (re)design. Think on your walls, via any screen, with remote peers and sticky notes. Ongoing thoughts into great design.

We provide a connected platform and canvases

to facilitate your thoughts & design across a variety of categories that include: strategy, branding, value proposition, portfolio, user experience, marketing, business modeling, organisation, innovation.

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Business Branding

Let's co-design your branding to be impacting, distinctive and digital ready. We facilitate with cross-industry expertise, strategic thinking and models.

Agile Marketing
& Sales Cockpit

Capture, Design, Operate... become CDO as a team, pick the collaborative tools that you need to efficiently drive your marketing and sales with agility.

We help you embrace cost-efficient software to drive your marketing and sales in the digital age.

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Smart Business

Turn better insights into relevant decisions, by harnessing the power of all your business data into smart visual dashboards. With Tableau platform.

Let's connect
all your data

into smart insights, with Tableau,
to facilitate better decisions.

Business Case

Business Model

Let's co-design your business model, from products into packages, into platform. We facilitate with cross-industry expertise, strategic thinking and models.

Digital Coaching &
Training Sessions

Rethink, challenge, grow your digital skills. Ask for individual or collective sessions on a-la-carte topics. We facilitate with x-industry expertise and models.

A la carte.



Fresh starters to prepare your stomachs,
to plan for more consistent digital dishes.



Create and redesign with your
peers. Wherever they are.



We help with digital tooling and coaching
to stretch your operational boundaries.