Marketing Machine

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[st_row][st_column4]Accelerate sales and new product launches.[/st_column4][st_column4]Ordiges develops and commercializes software for procurement in Western Europe. Sales were not up to the level of expectation while a lot had been invested in developing innovative product lines.[/st_column4][st_column4]Their CEO asked us to put into place new marketing approaches in order to accelerate the penetration of new products in the market and increase revenues significantly.[/st_column4][/st_row]

[st_row][st_column6]Raise the brand appeal and websites conversion, build a push-pull marketing engine.

Before activating marketing activities, a priority was to craft the brand and lines mission and identity, architect into a solid consistent face to the market. A next iteration was about reshaping websites with less complexity, crisp stories, consistency, and efficient conversion funnels. We  iterated and tested fast with A/B scenarios. Having that solid basis, it was time to multiply collaterals for sales and marketing activities, we put into place an outbound-inbound marketing machine revolving around webinars to warm up new leads and attribute to sales teams for them to convert.

Building an in-/outbound engine with articulated funnels and marketing-sales closed loop, revolving around webinars and nurtured with whitepapers, video and social media posting.[/st_column6][/st_row]


New market-centric webinars & sales collaterals translate in more hot prospects, better conversions by salesteams and a lowered cost of acquisition.