1&1 INTERNET | Leading E-commerce in EU/NA

1&1 Internet is a leading web hosting company, part of United Internet. They sell web products that include domains, servers, e-commerce solutions and cloud applications. Those services are used around the world by individuals and SMEs. Those solutions are sold via local websites (USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Poland, Mexico, etc) that drive huge traffic and conversion.

Contribute to expand the business by launching new websites, new products, by constantly testing new campaigns that maximize acquisition and by increasing the conversion of international websites.

Led an international team of 10 product marketing managers (2xUSA, 2xUK, 2xSpain, 2xFrance, 1xPoland, 1xGermany): product management, websites management, campaigns management. Co-managed the launch of new websites (Canada, Poland) and new cloud applications (My Business Website, e-commerce applications etc)

Role: head of international product marketing and general manager France
2 full years, 2010-2011