SAMSUNG DE | Driving TV business to #1 from #5

In 2005, as we took over the TV business ownership in Germany, Samsung was a B-brand, the consumer perception and the dealer recommendation were very weak. In total Samsung ranked #6 only, with a value market share around 7%.

The overall strategic goal given by the CEO was to ramp up Samsung at the first place in the German TV market
by stretching the perceived brand value and dealer recommendation rate with a relevant product portfolio and aggressive marketing activities.

Led a holistic project to make the big jump happen: product portfolio, organizational blocks, governance, marketing activities, sales incentive and educational programs, economic simulations etc
Co-led the product portfolio design and branding activities including soccer world cup (10M€ marketing budget)
Put into place a product marketing team and managed it
Put into place very sophisticated scorecards with KPIs views by  channel/account/region/sales reps:
brand awareness, dealer recommendation rate, price index, share of premium products, stocks rotation, number of references per shelf vs competitors etc

Value market share to Nr1 (above 20%) from Nr6 (7%) within 3 years
Business drive to 470M€ from 170M€ within 3 years, with increased profitability

role: head of TV business, Samsung Germany
3 full years, 2005-2008