START/SCALE-UPS EU | Marketing & Development

We’ve advised several SMEs and scale-ups in the software industry (e-procurement, contract management, e-commerce). Common challenges we’ve faced include doing more out of limited staff and marketing budgets. Leveraging digital marketing, social media, content marketing, hacking techniques etc is common thought to do more with less. With the usual misunderstanding of all that it means in terms of skills and time to get it right and impactful. Alignment with the overall strategy, branding and sales is key to get it right. Further, digital tactics won’t fix a weak brand, a weak value proposition or storytelling, a weak website, a weak strategy etc… first things first.

For those scale-ups and SMEs, we have worked on fixing a reasonable brand identity first, under budget constraints. Second we have worked on articulating and packaging the value propositions. Third we have developed flat design storytelling that is impactful and easy to replicate across a diversity of digital channels with the repetition that is needed. Fourth we have often fixed or even developed a website that just not only needs to be nice, but that needs to convert. Other channels come next, including social channels under others. With all those basics first, we then go into starting some easy marketing and sales funnels that we progressively test and iterate into more sophistication to progressively scale. It’s all about progressively combining all ┬áthe channels into a consistent communication and sales machine: the website, the physical sales team, employees and their network, the social media, trade shows, webinars, campaigns, banners, mail signatures etc need to work consistently altogether.