Corporate Startup: From Silos to Agile Innovation

Format: Classroom or Webinar Language: English or French
Duration: 1 to 2 days Price: Upon Consultation
Program: Customized Audience:  Directors, Managers

Business Context:
Constant innovation is an imperative for companies to survive and thrive. And history shows the most established organisations might be rapidly overtaken today by unexpected competition. This happens especially when they fail to reinvent themselves or behave too conservatively, too slowly, inside the existing silos with their historical practices. Larger organisations need at the same time their robust backbone and embrace new types of agile practices and mechanisms as seen in smaller agile companies to deliver innovation. In this session we will go through some of those mechanisms, agile methodologies and tools.

Suggested Agenda:
Case studies across industries
Organizing for innovation, some models
Innovation cycles across smaller agile to larger organisations
Agile frameworks  to deliver innovation
Take aways for your own organisations
Brainstorming sessions with guidance and follow up shall be discussed