Your Personal Information System for the Digital Age

Format: Classroom or Webinar Language: English or French
Duration: Half to Full Day Price: Upon Consultation
Program: Customized Audience:  Open

Business Context:
Information and knowledge are key assets for our own personal development, to keep up with our professional life, career, expertise, or to nurture our digital channels. Today, we have access to amazing resources, at the same time we are overwhelmed, it becomes hard to stay focused, or keep up with the topics that are most relevant to us. Further, the quality of the information we get is rapidly diluted and we lose time to find relevant information. In short, for our professional and personal life, it becomes essential to organize the most relevant information and sources that matter to us into an efficient system that means less effort, continuous nurturing and top quality. In this workshop you learn to use advanced tools and techniques to manage your information and knowledge, as a person and with your peers.

Suggested Agenda:
3-Step System to Smarter: Search better, Systemize, Socialize
Introducing  the advanced tools and techniques for each step
Putting into practice: building your own system, step by step