Five customer network strategies to prosper

Format: Classroom or Webinar Language: English or French
Duration: Half to Full Day Price: Upon Consultation
Program: Customized Audience:  Directors

Business Context:
Today whatever the business you’re in the network becomes your customer. It becomes less about selling, more about letting the network actively work for your company to thrive.  This needs to be thought through and organized strategically. In this training we focus on five fundamental proven strategies with some case studies of successful companies across multiple industries. Further we guide with high level frameworks to get you articulate brand new ideas and options for your business success.

Suggested Agenda:
Introduce the five fundamental customer network strategies
Put into a broader context of business innovation resp. transformation
Articulate each strategy, underlying tactics and related business cases
Facilitate with high level frameworks to generate new strategic options
Brainstorming sessions with guidance and follow up shall be discussed