From Silos to Agile Cross-Channel Marketing

Format: Classroom or Webinar Language: English or French
Duration: Half to Full Day Price: Upon Consultation
Program: Customized Audience:  Directors, Managers

Business Context:
To reach their audience and match the digital customer journey, companies need to adapt their marketing governance and practices from rigid silos and funnel thinking to agile marketing, from company centric to customer segment / cohort centric, from budget driven to experimentation driven. In this workshop we go through the implications at stake and how to make it happen for your organisation to be successful in the digital age. 

Suggested Agenda:
From mass marketing to multichannel content to cross-channel marketing
The digital customer journey and agile imperatives to drive your business
What are the implications for your organization in terms of
Internal/external organization, management style, practices, technology etc
Milestones to become a successful marketing company: from audit to action plans
Brainstorming sessions with guidance and follow up shall be discussed